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Delaware County Community College


DCCCid Lookup


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If you are unable to retrieve your DCCCid using the DCCCid online lookup utility, you may wish to consider the following:

Did you request a privacy hold be placed on your account? In an effort to extend a student's right to privacy, the lookup utility will not return DCCCids that have a privacy flag in place. If you would like to remove this hold, please make a request in person or by mail (photo ID verification or your original signature is required to remove this hold type).

Are you using the Social Security Number or other identification number you used while attending DCCC? If not, you will need to use that number to find your current DCCCid.

Are you using the last name you used when you attended DCCC to find your DCCCid? The DCCCids have been indexed according to last name. If you changed your last name since you last attended DCCC, you will be required to use that name to retrieve your DCCCid.

If you are still having difficulty retrieving your DCCCid using the online lookup utility, please follow the directions below.

Release: 8.9